Sunday, August 30, 2015
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The First Mi Tierra Egg

March 16, 2012

Just days ago, Mi Tierra producers Orlando Rodríguez and his wife Ines found the first egg from their humane, sustainable egg micro loan. It is the product of their labor and dedication to Mi Tierra principals in the watershed town of Paraíso.  With this and future eggs, they will begin to repay the $2100 loan, which was given December 13th to buy 70 hens and materials for their enclosure. The hens have been living a happy, free-range lifestyle, feeding on bugs, greens, and locally-grown corn.

Ines holds the first Mi Tierra Egg

As all of the hens come of age and their production ramps up, their eggs will be distributed to local hotels and restaurants that support Restoring Our Watershed goals of sustainable land use coupled with economic viability through the Mi Tierra brand.  Orlando and Ines will have a source of income for their family while continuing to use their land for sustainable food production. Nandamojo Valley residents and visitors will enjoy non-battery eggs and support a growing local food system. Everybody wins. Except maybe industrial egg producers.

Celebrating their success and hard work

For a list of places where you will find Mi Tierra eggs and other local food products, check out our Buy Local page.